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"A great lady (...), a rare artist, who puts femininity in the spotlight" Radio France

"This opus of a striking beauty and lightness testifies to the vocal talent, but also to the depth of the philosophical approach of the singer. " Jazz Radio

"Ariana Vafadari releases an album Anahita that is truly amazing. This classical singer offers herself a concept album crossed by a sublime song, which moved us. " Jazz Actuel

"Ariana Vafadari provokes a spiritual awakening with the album Anahita. A true sonic enchantment, as soothing as it is powerful. An unforgettable record."

 Les Voies libres

"Ariana Vafadari, a singer with the voice of an angel, presents her new album Anahita
A must to discover quickly!"
Public Art
"Pure talent, with vocal virtuosity to spare and soothing incantations to make you travel elsewhere, far, far away."Sortir

"A wonderful story that allows Ariana to interpret the character of Anahita with great emotion and truth." Culturemode

CD cover GATHAS.png

"A performance of heartbreaking beauty"  NewYorkTimes

"The Biennale's culmination: a surreal sunrise opera performance by Ariana Vafadari. There is beauty and there is reverence"US Playboy

“A spiritual itinerary shared throughout the concert, in a patio where smiles and dreamy faces radiate. Emotion, the magic, sacred» Le Monde des Religions, Fes Festival

“The Franco-Iranian AV initiative is exemplary. Magnificent lyrical voice, she now traces the thread of her origins. His concert gave off a spiritual charge to match (...)”Telerama, Fez Festival

"A real enchantment, a vibrant show, a bouquet of melodies, incantations with the scents of the Orient, sung by the fascinating Ariana Vafadari accompanied by outstanding musicians”DNA

“From pain to inspiration and art” TEDx Conference

TehranWomen: FEARLESS

November 27, 2020

Radio show En Sol Majeur with Yasmine Chouaki

May 15, 2020

Show “Les Racines du Ciel” with Frédéric Lenoir and Leili Anvar

France Culture, February 22, 2015

N.Keshvary ArianaVafadari 3.jpg

IInterview during the "GATHAS" concert at CAMEVA in Namur

July 9, 2016

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